"I AM HUMAN is a tech doc with a refreshing focus on people…. a moving trio of narratives about people who are trying to overcome serious physical limitations with cutting-edge brain science.” - The Verge


"An unusually intelligent, wide-ranging, and balanced overview of where the research stands..... a compelling and thought-provoking experience” - The Big Think


“A visually stunning movie…I AM HUMAN takes a deep-dive into the complex intersection of medicine and technology, it handles its subjects’ lives and relationships with great care. " - Dell Technologies Magazine

"The film is captivating and surprisingly emotional as each character endures the trials and tribulations of their respective treatments.... an amazing look at today’s major medical breakthroughs and the lives that are improved because of continued scientific innovation." - Ain't It Cool News

"Unsettling and fascinating...leaves you both excited and suspicious of the future ramifications of brain technology" - The Sunflower

"I AM HUMAN has its optimistic curiosities and lets its audience contemplate their own curiosities. It doesn’t pretend that the path is clear, but it is moving forward.” - Slash Film Daily


"Watching Bill, Stephen, and Anne grapple with the decision to implant chips in their brains is a far more difficult reality than anything in Black Mirror.” - Wired


“Deeply thoughtful yet boundlessly optimistic…I AM HUMAN explores the future of brain computer interfaces to treat debilitating illnesses and strengthen qualities such as empathy and creativity” - Psychology Today, July 2019



I AM HUMAN Available for Purchase

The award-winning documentary exploring the co-evolution of humans and technology is now available on Vimeo and iTunes


Los Angeles, CA - March 03, 2020 - Winner of four "Best Feature" awards since its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, I AM HUMAN chronicles the emotional journeys of three real-world “cyborgs” with implantable technology in their brains: a paraplegic, blind retiree, an artist struggling with Parkinson’s. Directed and produced by Taryn Southern and Elena Gaby, I AM HUMAN is now available for purchase for $9.99 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vimeo, and other platforms in over 10 languages. 


With unprecedented access to the scientists, entrepreneurs and faces on the frontlines of neuroscience, I AM HUMAN has collected six awards and screened at more than 16 festivals around the globe, making a splash in the science and technology communities. 


“Everything about this documentary captivated me. I AM HUMAN takes a fascinating look at how technology can be combined with the human body to possibly help people that modern medicine cannot,”  says Dan Repp, Other Worlds Senior Programmer and Event Director, where I AM HUMAN won the Audience Award for Best Feature. “On top of the intriguing ideas explored in the film, all of the subjects are interesting and their stories truly tugged at my heart.”


Often referred to as a real-world counterpart to “Black Mirror,” the film provides a harrowing look the subjects grappling with the risks of putting implantable technology in their brains while shining a light on the larger societal implications: will the same technology that heals the sick lead to super human abilities, telepathic communication, and cognitive enhancement? How will this change what it means to be human…and most importantly, are we ready?


“We wanted to give audiences a front row seat to the future,” says co-director of I AM HUMAN, Taryn Southern. “The next great frontier for humanity isn’t outer space - it’s inside ourselves.”


In addition to the primary characters, the film features institutions such as The Wyss Center, Duke University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Washington, BrainGate2, and Second Sight, as well as interviews with entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, neuroscientists John Donoghue, Andres Lozano, David Eagleman, Andres Lozano, Bobby Kasthuri, Chantel Prat, and Miguel Nicolelis, surgeon Robert Devenyi, sci-fi author Ramez Naam, ethicist Tristan Harris and professor of law and philosophy Nita Farahany, amongst others.


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