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 "I AM HUMAN is a tech doc with a refreshing focus on people…. a moving trio of narratives about people who are trying to overcome serious physical limitations with cutting-edge brain science.” - The Verge


"An unusually intelligent, wide-ranging, and balanced overview of where the research stands..... a compelling and thought-provoking experience” - The Big Think


“A visually stunning movie…I AM HUMAN takes a deep-dive into the complex intersection of medicine and technology, it handles its subjects’ lives and relationships with great care. "

- Dell Technologies Magazine


"I AM HUMAN has its optimistic curiosities and lets its audience contemplate their own curiosities. It doesn’t pretend that the path is clear, but it is moving forward.” - Slash Film Daily


"Watching Bill, Stephen, and Anne grapple with the decision to implant chips in their brains is a far more difficult reality than anything in Black Mirror.” - Wired


“Deeply thoughtful yet boundlessly optimistic…I AM HUMAN explores the future of brain computer interfaces to treat debilitating illnesses and strengthen qualities such as empathy and creativity” - Psychology Today, July Issue